Bromley by Bow Centre | Evaluation Report


The Bromley by Bow Centre is an innovative community organisation in east London, working in one of the most deprived boroughs in the UK. Each week they support families, young people and adults to learn new skills, improve their health and wellbeing, find employment and develop the confidence to achieve their goals and transform their lives. At the core of the Centre’s thinking is the belief in people and their capacity to achieve amazing things.

Social Ark cic sponsored The Successful Failure to deliver a corporate pilot to Bromley by Bow Centre and their team of staff, representative of different cultures, age groups and levels within the organisation.



What went well?

  • The group took well to the Icebreaker we decided to throw into the session. We asked participants to break off into groups and take part in an exercise which looked to refresh the feeling of both Success and Failure. All participants took part and were actively engaged.
  • During discussions, participants opened up willingly about their thoughts and opinions of Success and were genuine with their stances on Failure. This was good to see as we were curious of how open they would be in front of their colleagues.
  • Towards the end of the workshop one participant said:

“I’m sorry but I don’t believe that failure exists” – Sue

This opened up the floor for more discussion about whether failure is a generic term or whether we all have our own personal definition.

  • Discussion was continuous throughout the workshop but came alive when we asked the participants to highlight the factors they felt were crucial to success, this time however we decided to put a spin on it and refer back to it during the “storytelling” section. It was interesting to see how the participants responded when all factors raised, still didn’t guarantee success.

What can be improved?

We are always looking to make The Successful Failure workshops better; we know we cannot only measure 'what worked well', below looks at our learning and room for improvement.

  • The workshop is usually aimed towards young people and knowing this we made some amendments to cater to our more mature audience. Unfortunately certain content which were included may have come across as condescending. Whilst delivering corporate sessions in the future we need to come from an angle of learning, especially as many of the participants would have had more life experience than us currently.

  • Many of the participants threw out quotes on Failure & Success that they live by. It would have been great to capture these instantly and put them up for all to see. This is something we will look to make use of with in the future.
  • Due to restrictions and the new content, we were unable to run our usual full 90min workshop. This meant that we had to sacrifice certain content. In hindsight this would have been a great addition which would have brought about more debate. Managing our timing is essential with the desired outcomes of the sessions.
  • During the “storytelling” section, we could have given participants the opportunity to get involved with Moses’ story. This could have been done by asking them what they would have done or what they thought Moses should have done. This would have made the session more interactive and shed light on how they might have approached the challenges faced.




Feedback & Comments

  • 6/8 said they’d like to attend more sessions
  • 5/8 said they now look at failure differently
  • 6/8 said they found the content of the workshop useful
  • 7/8 signed up to our newsletter 


“The workshop consolidated my views on failure, thank you”

“I enjoyed learning about what people think failure means”

“I found the factors crucial to success and how they relevant they may or not be useful”

“It was good opportunity to step out of my day to day and reflect”


A message from the Founder

I’d like to say it was an amazing experience being able to deliver our Corporate pilot at an organisation like the Bromley by Bow Centre. I’d like to say a huge thanks to all participants who contributed to the discussion and threw in their personal experiences which kept conversation flowing. I’d also like to thank Genefer Chitolie from the Bromley by Bow Centre who helped organise the event and hosted us on the day. Lastly we’d like to thank Lisa Stepanovic of Social Ark cic who agreed to sponsor the event and continues to support our development.