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Our Talks and Workshops focus on the how individuals & organisations can embrace failure and ultimately use it a catalyst for success. We have been fortunate enough to work with a variety of clients, ranging from global brands to local educational providers.

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We were brought in by ELAM to deliver a keynote talk to their trainees who are all aspiring to be in the creative industries. Our talk focused on the importance of resilience, adaptability and a positive mindset. Have a look at the their feedback here.



Chelsea FC brought us in to deliver a number of workshops to their Level 2 & Level 3 Sports students.

We are currently working with their Kicks programme and will be working with 140+ young people over the course of the academic year. Have a look at the first of 10 workshops below.



UnLtd brought us in to deliver a workshop to members of their team during a reflection meeting in London. Participants were of mixed background, ages and had made their way from various parts of the country (Bradford, Sheffield and more).



We delivered a day of workshops and discussions aimed at bringing together alumni and students to allow them to share their experiences of failure.

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Our founder was featured on The RSA's Podcast and wrote an article in their journal.
RSA Radio:
The Long Run
RSA Journal: The Role of Failure in Success



We were asked by Unilever to come in and deliver a keynote workshop to their marketing department. The workshop honed in on the vital role failure plays in innovation ad how it can be used  by the stakeholder to carve out an amazing body of work.


Teach First

Teach First brought us in to deliver a Key Note speech to their Society members during their annual training summit. We were asked to speak to the members about the multiple paths to success and touch upon how it doesn’t always end up being the path we might have initially chosen.



As part of their “Future Leaders” initiative, Barclays had some of their most promising members of staff experience one of our workshops. Their thinking was that it would be powerful for them to gain some external insight into the motivations and drive behind some of London’s Social Enterprises.



The senior management team of Daimler flew out to London and as part of an international experience opportunity, provided by Leaders Quest. The aim of the trip was to provide them with an insight into different Social Enterprises and the missions they are addressing head on.
We delivered a workshop on the importance of learning from Failure. This was well received by the team who claimed that failure is a key part of the process in their quest for success. 


Grey Coat Hospital

We delivered a speaker session with the 6th Form of Grey Coat Hospital. I was asked to come in and speak about my journey from the point of leaving school, competing in the NFL and setting up two Social Enterprises. My leaving message to the students was: commit to something! Passion is something that can be honed and grown through the commitment. Don’t wait for something to come along and happen; make it.


EY Foundation

The EY Foundation commissioned a workshop focused on Resilience to 30 young people selected from “hard to reach” communities. During the workshop we touched on the importance that resilience has in achieving one’s goals, especially during the times of setback and uncertainty..