The Team

Moses Sangobiyi



Moses is an entrepreneur who is not only passionate about learning from failure but also understanding how failure can be used as a tool to reach success.

Roxanne Persaud



Roxanne's professional background extends to 20 years working with civil society organisations in the UK and overseas.


Digital Content

The things you find out the hard way are the things you always remember


Sujon Ahmed

Hi, my name is Sujon. You can describe me in a number of ways: a student, a filmmaker, a musician, a part time milk bottle but most importantly... A successful failure.  


Sarah Cogo

I really want to expand the knowledge I have in my field of work as well as meeting great new people and get the word out about the message of Successful failure! 

Amir Ahmed

I’m known to be a very chilled out person, but not many people see the drive and passion I have for creativity and originality. I believe TSF as a platform can help propel my skills and knowledge for the future.