Rebecca Jones | Miss Munchin's Cupcakes

Okay so Miss Munchin’s…...

Rebecca has been  a friend for years but it was only at a friends wedding where we reconnected and found out we were both out here in the jungle trying to be entrepreneurs.
She spoke about how she decided to set up a Cupcake business focusing on bringing people together. Obviously at first I was baffed, how are cupcakes going to bring people together?
But then she went on and spoke about how she travels to different cities around the world and takes a staple ingredient from their culture. She then uses this as the main ingredient for cupcake! Genius!
Her story is both inspiring and warm!

Introducing Rebecca Jones…. 

Knowing Rebecca behind the scenes, I can say one of her most …. feature is how positive she is. No matter what's going on, be it challenges with contracts or sourcing inspiration for a new flavour; she always manages to stay on top of the situation and keep an optimistic outlook on things. | @Miss_Munchins