Posty | GRM Daily

When it comes to Urban culture, things don’t get much bigger than GRM Daily. CEO, Posty set the business up after completing Law School and deciding he didn’t want to work in the field yet. 

Since then the platform has grown to become epicentre of all things UK Grime.

In this interview, we get to speak to Posty about his journey; from the moment he decided to leave work in a law firm, to the moment they had to deal with the loss of their YouTube page!

As Posty describes, the journey has been one of highs and lows but he and the team continue to push boundaries curate an amazing body of work. 

Looking back on the journey so far, he mentions that he knew it was bound to be big but had no idea how big it would become. 

Posty gives us a frank account of his journey as an entrepreneur and his approach to business.

Have a listen and let us know what you think....



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