Peju oshin | Museum Educator & Curator

Peju’s thing is making the arts more accessible! She wants people from all backgrounds to feel like they have a place in museums and galleries. She say’s this is out of necessity we don’t buy that for a second.

As she puts it during the interview, she is part of a wave of people who active in this "gig economy" and a major perk is the ability to create/pick up projects you are genuinely interested in. Freedom….

It just so happens that after leaving uni with her eyes set on becoming an interior designer, things didn't go according to plan and she ended up working in a recruitment agency. With no Plan B she decided to take a leap of faith and hasn’t looked back since.

Now she’s freelancing and involved in a range on projects around Heritage and Culture.

In her interview she touches on some of the realities of being a freelancer & some of the challenges she has been able to overcome.

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