Oliver Bishop | Digital Communications Manager

American Football in the UK doesn’t get much bigger than London Warriors vs London Blitz; both teams have competed in the BritBowl (league finals) consecutively over the last 6 years and have won it amongst themselves 9 times. So when it comes to rivalry, it doesn’t get much bigger, in fact it doesn’t get any bigger.

I repped the LW and hated anyone affiliated with the LB.

Okay so now that’s out of my system; let me talk about Oliver Bishop. To put it simply he played for the LB, he actually played opposite me as a running back and we shared many a moment battling over dominance.

When it comes to sport, us athletes have this weird way of being able to hate someone but at the same time respecting them. And that’s how it was for me with Oliver. I’d see him on the field and know it’s going to be a long day.

When it came to putting feelers out there for potential guests on The Successful Failure, his name was one that came up again and again. Reluctantly got in touch, arranged a meet up and had probably the best convo I’ve ever had with a Blitz player.

To put it simply, Oliver is the type of person who sets his eyes on a goal and sets about achieving it. Right now, he is a Digital Communications Manager at CBI (Confederation of British Industry). A journey that is probably as unique as it could get!

During the 2012 Mayor of London elections he saw an opportunity and decided to reach out to one of the running candidates Siobhan Benita for a chance to help out. Her team, offered him a volunteering gig but he knew what he wanted; to help them run her campaign!

Cut a long story short he went on from working on the Youth & Diversity policy to effectively becoming one of the campaign managers!

Have a listen to Oliver’s journey and some of the experiences that have taken him this far.

Cool guy but I still hate the Blitz.

Twitter: @oliver_bishop | Medium: politics'n'dat