Nigel Twumasi | Mayamada

So Nigel is a friend and is currently making lot’s of noise in the Social Entrepreneurship world with his Anime Universe: Mayamada.

He and partner Lao set up Mayamada in 2009 whilst at university and an idea that started off with selling t-shirts has snowballed into a brand that includes comic book publications, social gaming events and workshops.

They are regulars at the comic conventions all over the country and have been able to build a brand that has been features in the likes of Time and other publications.

It all sounds rosy but in this interview Nigel speaks about the challenges he has faced along the way. From a studying Engineering at university, going on to work as a Software Engineer before realising that he didn’t actually have the passion needed to remain in this profession.

Mayamada is Nigel's pursuit of success on his own terms but after setting up they quickly found that building this vision wouldn’t be smooth sailing and there were a number of challenges they would have to overcome if they are to build this vision.

From a number of failed crowdfunding campaigns to other instances where the future of the project was in jeopardy, Nigel opens up about their journey so far and how they continue to push boundaries in the face of uncertainty.


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