Neros Coachman | Mindset Development

We're all on a journey, running our own races but every now and then we cross paths with people who stand out for whatever reason, Neros is one of them....

We grew up in the same area in East London (Bow) & it was clear even back then that he was going to be involved in Football. He always stood out as that guy who was playing with the older kids and being scouted by teams. 

He went on to play at a good level before doing his cruciate ligament and falling out of playing. He then decided that he would set up Mindset Development a football programme that sets out to provide support for aspiring athletes who are currently on their sporting journey.

As we all know, those who go on to make it as pro athletes make up only a fraction of those who set out initially. What support is there for when a young person gets dropped from a team? What happens when an athlete is thrown in a completely different environment and is struggling to adapt?

This is where Neros & his team at Mindset come in. They press the importance of mindset with their players and teach them that success in football has less to do with the sport itself but more about the athletes approach to it. They want to develop well rounded leaders as well as great footballers.

It’s a sick project that has grown hugely in the space of a year & even given them the opportunity to represent England in an international tournament. 

In this interview, I sit down with Neros and hear about the story behind Mindset Development and what they have planned for the future!

Have a listen and let us know what you think.


Instagram: @coachman86 | Website: Mindset Development