Naomi jane | A Life Less Ordinary Wanted


This Social Entrepreneurship world is too small!

I met Naomi a couple of years back at an award ceremony where she was speaking about her first business the 4WD foundation.

Fast forward a few more years, we meet again at FuckUp Nights but now she was speaking about the failure of this business.

The crazy thing was that she was quite comfortable speaking about it and seemed to have no regrets about the experience. Naomi set up 4WD Foundation by accident, but regardless it grew to a point where they had corporate partners, volunteers and were even throwing concerts!!

Sick right!?

In this interview we wanted to got to the bottom of how Naomi has been able to overcome these challenges and how she continue to push boundaries and take risks! What gives her the confidence that she’ll be able to rise above any challenge thrown in her way?

After some high profile roles, Naomi has now gone on to set up A life Less Ordinary Wanted and speaks in depth about some of the hurdles they face and the reality of being a Social Entrepreneur!

We present to you Naomi Jane…….



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