Moses Adeyemi | The Silver Line Project

We all make mistakes right?! Some bigger than others and some even provide us with the opportunity to correct them.

My guest on the Successful Failure today is Moses Adeyemi (yes another Moses, not as handsome though); an individual who made a number of mistakes as a young man. And due to circumstances he found himself running with the wrong crowd, one thing led to another and he went from selling drugs to being convicted for armed robbery.

One thing I admire about Moses is how he hasn’t allowed his experiences to define him. Upon his release he took up personal training and quickly found that he was helping his clients not only physically but psychologically too. This led to the creation of his brand “iTrainer Fitness”.

Moses has just launched The Silver Line Project a programme that looks to empower hard to reach communities through fitness and motivation.

This guy doesn’t stop and always has some sort of surprise up his sleeve. His determination, hunger to prevent others from going down the same road he travelled and his coined #iCan attitude guarantee that he will be successful.

Hear Moses talk about his journey and how it formed him into the man he is today!

Make sure you check out the work by Moses and the team at The Silver Line Project Website | Instagram | Twitter

Twitter: @moses_ican | Instagram: @moses_ican