Daryl Harper | Financial Planner

Daryl aka Mr Exceptional, Mr Always Positive, Mr One-Liner!

Daryl is probably the most positive person I know! I met him through a friend a few months back whilst he was delivering a talk on financial literacy. (I left the auditorium after and chopped up my credit card)

Daryl is passionate about providing people with the skills they actually need. Take the educational system for instance; the majority of subjects have their deserved place in the curriculum but what about financial literacy? Something you need immediately you leave the school gates for good!

I guess we leave the responsibility to parents to pass this on to their children. But what if the parents aren’t the best at handling their finances? What if they never received it and as a result aren't setting the best example for their offspring?

This is one of the things Daryl is passionate about. After dedicating over 10 years of his professional career to teaching, he found that some of his student were not living up to their full potential. He decided to leave and work in a field where he could have more of an impact.

Daryl was forced to grow up at a young age. Circumstances had it that he would have to shadow his father on a building site for a number of months whilst he was supposed to be preparing for his GCSEs. I don't know if he was that good at skiving or if his school was just incompetent but he was able to be marked in for every lesson.

Daryl is a natural presenter, he oozes enthusiasm and has a way that gets people to gravitate towards him. Have a listen to him talk about his journey and some of the experiences that shaped him.

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