Dami Sangobiyi | Banker

When i think about success and those around me, the person who immediately comes timing is my brother, Dami.

Now Dami is probably one of the most driven people I know and has always had that hunger for success; whether it be in smashing me at Fifa or when it comes to progressing in his career.

Currently he is a Business Analyst for one of those corporates over in Canary Wharf and I’m sure he won’t mind me saying; the journey hasn’t been all roses. Being the closest person to me, I decided that he was going to be the first person I “interviewed”.

He came our of uni with a 2:2 (not very good) and after realising that he wanted more than what the mediocre jobs could offer; he decided to take a leap of faith and head out to China for an internship. This opportunity fell through but before I ruin the story, have a listen and let us know what you think!

The Successful Failure………... 

Instagram: @dami_the_geezer