Calum Campbell | allHuman

So Calum was introduced to me by Oliver, who told me that i needed to interview one of his closest friends.

We ended meeting up meeting up before the interview, where Calum suggested I come out with the team at allHuman (his charity) to help the homeless. To say it was eye-opening doesn’t do it justice! Stopping to give time and conversation to someone who is in need is sometimes more valuable than the spare change you might have.

Calum decided to set up allHuman after coming to the conclusion that all humans are human beings and should be treated as such! Simple right?

I think Calum’s enlightened approach comes from his personal challenges which he talks openly about in the interview

Introducing Calum Campbell……. 

Make sure you check out the work being done over at allHuman & maybe even volunteer! :-) | @allHumanLDN