The April Round Up

Better late than never?

Okay so it’s halfway through the month and I’ve been busy "doing the most” but there is still one thing that I’ve been running away from. It might not matter to you, in fact if I didn’t bring it up, you probably wouldn’t have even noticed it.

But I need to be accountable and I guess it's part of the journey, so here it goes…

I haven’t done the news letter for April!!! 😱😱😱

It might not seem like a big deal to you but trust me, this is procrastination at its finest! Come to think about it; the reason I am typing this right now is down to me doing anything but record this bloody video.

But enough of the mind-tennis, this month’s round up is going to take place as a blog, so let’s get into it…..

Early on in April, I managed to secure a freelance design role with a creative agency in London. Amazing experience where I managed to pick up some some behind the scenes insights and ultimately get an insight into how agencies dealt with clients on a day to day basis. This was great because up until then any client that came my way, I made sure to bend over backwards and cater to what they needed. There was no pushing back on my part; at the end of the day I needed their business.

Being part of the agency, allowed me to see that there had to be some leeway, some push back where necessary so as for me to be able to deliver my best work. This is a game changer.

The next thing I picked up from the experience probably the most important was that this was the first time where I had gone into an company and been given the responsibility of handling their web design dept. A huge responsibility & one that got me thinking; damn Moe you might actually be good at this.

But yes whilst I was there doing my job to keep the money coming in, I had to put The Successful Failure on the back burner and as much as I enjoyed going into the agency on a day to day basis, I knew that because my focus was away from my baby (I know right), the amount that could be done was limited.


In hindsight, there were things I could have clearly done differently. I could have easily planned and scheduled tweets and content to go out whilst I was busy. So no excuses there…..

But this leads onto the next topic; managing your work load.

So I said I could have scheduled content to go out whilst I was away but to be honest, that might be me being a bit too hard on myself. (Got the call on Monday and started on the Tuesday) But even before I decided to pick up the freelance work, there was more than enough on my plate! We’re talking about funding applications, preparing for talks, typing up evaluations. It was all kicking off!

So as you would expect, I came out of the role to an inbox and to do list from hell!

Good news is I’ve managed to get everything done (apart from the newsletter, obviously) but at what expense?

Well let’s take a look at it:

  1. Quality of work - This could have easily been the first thing to give! But I don't think this has suffered. In fact, if anything it’s improved! Things seem a lot more clearer now! It’s just a matter of getting it done.
  2. Momentum - Okay this might be something. Right now; things move at such speed, if you have momentum you need to build it, not let it die out. Worst thing to do is to have a fire going then have to start over again. You’re wasting time bro! Think this is an error I have made but it’s cool, we know now.
  3. Effect on the body - The weekend just gone, made me realise how vital sleep and rest are! All this running around doesn’t mean anything if you’re exhausted. I think I had to realise that I am not invincible and some sleep wouldn’t do me any harm.

With that being said, we are in a good space! I think this piece needed to be done to clear my mind of April and allow me to focus on the here and now!

We’re going to be filming some short pieces real soon so stay tuned and get your views on all things failure ready!

We also have some good ideas for a blog series! If you would like to know more or get involved, feel free to give me a shout!

Thanks for following the journey & enjoy the rest of the month,


Moses Sangobiyi