The February Round Up

So it just so happens that I've turned into one of those people spamming you with monthly newsletters!

I've got to find a way to be different!...........

So this is what I've come up with; not too sure how original it is but lets give it a go.

This is our attempt to use this feature in a different way. My idea was that for me to wrap up the month in a kind of vlog post; a little brain dump, throw in some extra footage, and some things we have found interesting!

So let’s get to it…....

So yes that's it!

I actually enjoyed making that one and getting in front of the camera! So expect more of it.

Also, now that we've done 10 episodes of #influencers, we're thinking of refreshing the look. Maybe getting myself on screen and throwing in some extra shots!

What you think?


Moses Sangobiyi