The Startup Kitchen

"And there was me thinking the whole American Football saga thing was hard!"

Now I get it; if you want to be shit hot, having a good idea isn’t all. You’ve got to put in the hours!

My guy Reuben said it in his interview “you have an idea and dream about all the possibilities but only realise whats ahead once you get your feet wet"

Yea that feeling!

Okay, so one of the things that’s been on my mind as of late is: how to make this project sustainable; i.e. how can we make some cash?

How do we go about taking a subject that is thought provoking and own it to the point that it can help me move out of my mothers house?

To be honest, this wasn’t even the point of of the project when I initially started out. I just wanted to surround myself with & learn from people who were further along in their journey. Hear about how they had been able to overcome their failures.

But I guess after we were asked to deliver a few talks and workshops; it was only natural for me to start dreaming! 

That dream was brought back down to earth quickly after meeting a meeting with some of my mentors. Now I’m not one to turn away from critical advice, in fact I think my background in sports has trained me to seek out criticism rather than praise. Regardless, this didn't make for easy listening or fill me with the confidence that whats I’m doing is going to be one huge success. But it sure did open my eyes to challenges I didn’t even know existed!

So I’m going to share three things I took away and how I plan on dealing with them.

  1. "Right now you are self employed and not an entrepreneur!” One of the mentors defined a business as something he could run and still make money from whilst he was away - then asked me if that was the vision I had for my business. To be honest I hadn’t even thought about it like that!! I just wanted something that would bring in some sort of income; which it is currently doing. But what happens when I want a break or when I’m needed for something else?? Everything stops; including the money. How are we going to do this?…...
  2. Merchandise! Another mentor Lisa; assured me she that she understood where I was coming from straight away and believed I had a potentially profitable business in fact. But we’ve got to get a buzz going! So she’s plugged us and told us to get on the merchandise train. Create a buzz by getting some “influential|" people wearing/ using our gear. Working on it now Lisa! 😃
  3. Narrow it down, do a great job & move on! This was repeated by two separate mentors! Look at everything I’m doing like a project which I want to perfect regardless the results!! This is what another entrepreneur told me; doing it this way will make sure that I build a catalogue of work that displays my value and what I can do. I think this piece of advice  was given to help me stay on track and stop overthinking the process. It makes too much sense. I think, lately I’ve been stressing about how to do this, what if the audience don’t engage with us, who wants to hear what we’re talking about? With this we just have to get on with it & look good whilst doing so!

So as I said earlier; it wasn’t easy having my whole idea torn apart but sometimes its easy to be blind to potential pitfalls! Definitely needed the external eyes……. Let’s make this happen!


Moses Sangobiyi