Success is overrated!

The buzz word is success!

Take a minute to type it into google and see what comes up…. Pictures of people raising their hands on a mountain top, quotes detailing the steps needed to achieve it, habits of successful people, more TED videos than you could watch…. should I keep going?

To be honest, this is what the people want; right?! Who gives a damn about failure!

We all want the car, house, expensive holidays right; the modern view of success? You can’t blame the media for giving the people what feeds their imagination; who doesn’t love the idea of what could be if you just follow these “simple steps”? Sex sells!

To be honest, I think it’s fucked! All this focus on the glamour of success, basically demonises failure!

For some reason failure is seen as a mark of shame, a brown stain on your track white shirt. But why? At the end of the day we all face it at one point of our lives or another! FACT! Come on, let’s cut the bulls#!t!!

Why do we run away from it? Especially when there are so many positive things that could be gained from it?

Look at a car Manufacturer like Mercedes Benz for instance; we know them for elegant and exquisite cars. In a conversation, CEO Mr. Dieter Zetsche told me they wouldn’t be what we know as one of the biggest successes in the automobile world unless they tested their cars to complete failure before releasing them- push the envelope!!! If an organisation as big as Mercedes Benz can embrace it, why can’t we?

Or take a look at Wales’ performance in the Euros (I’m a bit late to the party but I’ll continue). No one expected them to get to the Quarterfinals and in an interview straight after the game, Manager Chris Coleman drops this gem…..

As Chris Coleman rightly said;
Work hard!
Don’t be afraid to fail!

Plan for success! Aim for the sky! Work relentlessly to make them a reality! But don’t be put off when you face temporary defeat, challenge, adversity — FAILURE!

These are all feelings we are meant to experience, at the end of the day they make the successes that much sweeter…………

Rant over! Have a great weekend,

The Successful Failure