Taste for Business

A close friend of mine @CarlSouthwell read me a quote as I was pondering whether to leave my last role:

"Entrepreneurship is jumping off a cliff and assembling your parachute on your way down"

Scary right?

A whole six months later, I think this is a suitable time to review my decision to take that leap.

Now I knew it wouldn't be smooth sailing from the get-go, I knew that more likely than not I'd be facing some pretty tough challenges. But I don't think anything could have prepared me for what I've experienced so far...

There have been some amazing highs: like getting our first contract or being asked to deliver talks to students about my journey. But there have been some real challenging lows: finding out that we wouldn't be getting paid until we had completed delivery or having to go back to the drawing board and start planning from scratch.

The quote I gave a few paragraphs ago paints a pretty vivid picture of what it's been like so far. It's a feeling of pulling and pushing at multiple things, readjusting, being satisfied at having it all sorted, to only then realising the parachute is still tangled up.

With that being said, one of the things I constantly find myself asking is: why am I putting myself through this? Is this actually worth the emotional roller coaster?

The conclusion I've come to is that every now and then; it clicks! It comes together and all makes sense. I'm telling you now, when it does no other feeling comes close. To have something go from the stage of inception all the way into fruition is unreal. And I think that now I've had a taste for it, I can't go back...

The Successful Failure