Question: What is Passion

I define passion as: that love / hunger to do something regardless monetary gain or fame!
(Please feel free to define it your way below!)

The question I have now is; where does it come from?

  • Is is something we are born with and just need a catalyst to aid bringing it out?
  • Does it have deeply embedded roots in our vulnerabilities and life experiences?
  • Or maybe it’s something that develops only when we have gone through the trial and tribulations needed in order to excel at a task!

Personally, I didn’t have a “passion” till I reached the age of fifteen. Up until then, I was fine going along with the flow. But as soon as I found that I was good at something, I gripped on tightly. I guess you could say it became my passion.

I speak to people who claim to have had their passion for as long as they can remember and for whatever reason they still have this as their main motivator, regardless of income, time away from loved ones or what others may think.

To be honest,I’m in admiration of people like this! How do they do it? Ever since I took time out of sport, I’ve been looking for the next thing. That thing to fill the void.

But for some reason; I don’t feel like I’m alone…

How many of us are looking for something to commit to, something to put all of our effort and energy into?

Whats the solution?!

I don’t think there is a solution, or that there even needs to be one frankly.

History is filled with people who didn’t find their calling till later on in life. People who may have been seen as flops, failures, bums & any other phrase you can think of!

But when opportunity came calling (and trust me it will come calling); they were ready!

In the mean time, be it vague or naive; I suggest trying as many different experiences as possible and whilst doing so, making sure to put 100% effort into them. This way you can expose yourself to experiences and challenges normally alien to you & when that opportunity comes… Well need I say anymore?


The Successful Failure