Ben Ajala | Ajala Accountancy Ltd

So Ben Ajala is my brother’s close friend and one of the things I remember him saying to me whilst at uni was “Ben’s a genius, Ben’s going to be huge!” Apparently back in uni, he would help lecturers teach lessons and sit back with other students to help them understand the work.

I guess from the moment you’re head and shoulders above you’re peers, it’s only expected that you go on and do great things; right?

Fast forward a few years and Ben is now the owner of Ajala Accountancy Ltd! But the you’d be misled to think the journey was smooth due to his experience at uni. The working world exposed him to a truth; he would rather work for himself and build a legacy rather than building someone else’s vision.Ben is part of the new wave of #influencers, he has been on a journey that led him to leave the conventional working world and risk going solo. Confident, hardworking and critical; Ben shares his journey with us, going into the defining moments that have shaped him.

Introducing Ben Ajala….