Aaron Christian

Aaron is a film and content maker from East London! I first came into contact with him when I was approached by Kingston Uni to put on an event which brought in former alumni to speak about their careers following their time at the university.

So after leaving Uni he entered the creative world and alongside his brother Reuben, set up Individualism a platform where they explored mens fashion. They were able to work with some great brands and were part of some amazing campaigns. This led them to a point where they both had a better idea of what they wanted to do and set them on an adventure of creativity.

In this interview, Aaron speaks to us about his personal journey, his failures and how they have formed his way of thinking going forward.

Another one full of gems!

Presenting Aaron Chhristian.....


Twitter: @AaronChristian_ | Instagram: @aaronchristian_ | Website: www.aaronchristian.co.uk